Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Practice Recap

With our first practice under our belts, I wanted to give a big hand to all the Lil' Dirtbags. The kids did a great job hanging with the coaches and battling the heat. I think I can speak for all of the coaches and say we saw a lot of good things from this team. We may be little and young, but the kids all have big hearts and a ton of desire!

I heard so many funny things from these kids but the three that stand out are: Dawson K., the first winner of the practice prize, must of asked me 20 times if he could have the prize and what it was. So Dawson must have been destin to win it - Great throw Dawson K, you are also the winner of a new nickname "Questions". Second, when Brody H. was asked who his favorite baseball player was (during stretch time), he replied "Babe Ruth." Not sure if he knows who Babe Ruth was, but I loved the answer! Last, when Matty W. was asked what his last name was, he replied Mikey. Well Mikey is actually his older brother, but I thought it was a funny response.

A recap of practice through a little chaos: At the first station, the kids worked on throwing the ball and attempting to hit a bucket. This fundamental drill was to work on proper throwing, arm strength, and accuracy. The second station, the kids were working on fielding with Coach Kevin. The kids were getting in the proper fielding position and fielding the ball in front of them and using their throwing hand to secure the ball in the glove "alligator". Lastly, the kids hit live pitching, some for the first time, and did a great job.

A short recap of the quick parents meeting:

1.) We need sponsors! Sponsors will be displayed on our future sponsor banner.
2.) Any type of money donation will be gladly accepted.
3.) Financial expenses and donations will ALWAYS be transparent.
4.) Uniforms - will be in soon. Thanks to Jenn Wolz for all of her hard work. The jersey tops will have a lot of wiggle room, but they are the smallest jersey on the market. This should allow a few seasons in this jersey.
5.) Fundraising: NO candy bar sales!!!! Coming soon information about Super Bowl Jackpot and a Poker Tournament (Febuary 2010).
6.) Parent T-shirts and ball caps are available through Jenn Wolz. Carly Hufft will be introducing some baseball clothing items as well.

See you next Tuesday and keep practicing with the boys!!!!

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